Sports & Lifestyle Services

Lawn Works are your go-to providers for turf management of large and specialty-use lawn areas. We’ve installed, cared for and repaired turf on and at golf courses, sports fields, public parks, schools, large lifestyle blocks, and more.  Get those small areas around the bowler’s run-up repaired, or lay down the entire fairway of the brand new par 5 – we do it all.

We have the experience and equipment necessary to tackle turf installation and maintenance of lawns of almost any imaginable size, so whatever the job you need done is, we can manage it for you. Beyond just laying lawn, we have expertise in specialty turf management that allows us to install and maintain facilities such as bowling greens, tennis courts, cricket blocks, golf courses, and more.

Our services include:

  • Installation – a complete service that provides everything you need to install new large lawn areas.
  • Spraying – large area spraying from a 2 metre boom to a 10 metre boom – no area too big or small. Our spray operators are Growsafe-approved, qualified operators with years of experience.
  • Repair – earthquake and other turf damage remediated and grass cover replenished.
  • Soil Cultivation and Stone Burying – loosen the hardest ground and bury inconvenient stones and debris.
  • Laser Levelling - for tennis courts, golf tees, sports fields or any other surface that needs to be very flat.
  • Drainage and irrigation systems – consultation, installation and troubleshooting.
  • Scarifying – for thatch removal and aeration.
  • Seeding - using over seeding, hydroseeding or direct drilling (especially good for existing thinning grassed areas on sports fields or golf courses).
  • Fertilisation & Top Dressing – rejuvenate or invigorate your lawn(s) with expert application of the correct treatments for your specific situation. 
  • Excavation – prepare, level or clear ground for lawns.

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